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What Is The Best Minoxidil Available To Reverse Hair Loss And Regrow Hair?

Welcome to the latest installment of the Hair Restoration Laboratories' Blog.  In this edition, we are going to agai...

Top Hair Loss Myths Debunked

This Blog post is again designed to educate you on the various options available to help you reverse hair loss and r...

DHT Blocking Shampoos vs. Propecia-Pros & Cons

Welcome to the latest edition of the Hair Restoration Laboratories' Blog. In our prior editions of the Blog, we have...

Blocking DHT To Reverse Hair Loss-What Works And What Does Not

Welcome to the third installment of the Hair Restoration Laboratories' Blog.  Our first two editions of the Blog sum...

What Is DHT & Why Does It Cause Male & Female Hair Loss?

Thinning hair and hair loss can be caused by a variety of internal and external factors.  However, the most common ca...

Welcome to the Hair Restoration Laboratories' Blog

Welcome to the initial Hair Restoration Laboratories blog.  The purpose of our blog is to provide you a summary of t...
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